Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Scratch Art Christmas Ornaments

Every year, we make tons of homemade ornaments for our tree. One of our choices this year, were these fun scratch art ornaments. I had to do a lot more prep ahead of time for this project, but the results were worthwhile.

To begin, I cut a selection of circles. I used a couple of different sized circle punches to make life easier on me. If you don't have punches, just use some drinking glasses as a stencil.

Next, I used our oil pastels to make colorful designs on the circles. You can also use crayons, though you will want to color darkly. I prefer using the oil pastels because they go on so much thicker than crayons.

Finally, you'll want to color over your designs with a thick coat of black. When you're done, it's time to scratch! We used a toothpick to gently scratch our designs on the ornaments. Some were well planned out and others were random and fun. When all were done, we punched a hole in the top, strung some string through the hole and hung them on our tree.

Scratch art is fun and you don't have to buy a specialized kit to experience it. Not only were these a fun afternoon project, but they would also be an easy and inexpensive stocking stuffing. Just bundle a few pre-made ornaments with a few scratchers in a pretty package. What a fun thing to find in a Christmas stocking!

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  1. Love this kids craft idea so much, pinned it, and will be making some of these with my kids this week

  2. What material did you use for the circles?

  3. Anonymous, I used white card stock for the circles.


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