Monday, December 10, 2012

Let's Play Over at Google+

Are you on Google+ yet? I'll admit that I was very resistant at first. It seemed like just one more thing to suck away my time. But then, late last week, Google went and added something that managed to convince me to spend more time there: Communities!

What are communities? They're small groups (or large if you're so inclined) that are designed for discussion and sharing. It sounds a bit like Facebook, I know, but there are some advantages I'd like to try to use. I can create categories. So if you're looking for posts about Exploring Nature, you can more easily find it. With Facebook, it's hard to find anything except the most recent posts. Also, unlike Facebook, you will be able to see EVERYTHING I share, instead of just what Facebook wants you to see. Also (and I'll admit I'm a bit scared to try this), we can have live on-air hangouts. Woot!

Won't you join me there? I'm not abandoning Facebook, just adding a new dimension to Creative Family Fun. Let's make Google+ the place to be!

Click here to join the Creative Family Fun Community! This will be a direct extension of the blog. You'll find all the same sort of content and more.

Click here to join the Creative Family Fun Nights Community! This is a place dedicated to family nights. We'll share ideas from the best family board games to creative ideas for family nights. You'll have to request to join this community, but don't worry, I'll approve you.

Come join me and let's have fun!

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