Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine Story Stones

We've made story stones in the past. We told tales of princesses, dragons, and enchanted roses. 

But, this time we're telling different stories about secret admirers, cupid, and big boxes of chocolate. 

Story stones are fun and a great way to promote storytelling. For older kids, they work perfectly as writing prompts. Younger kids can use them to illustrate a story. 

Since Valentine's Day is coming up soon, I though it would be fun to make a set of Valentine-theme story stones. 

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Supplies Needed:
Smooth stones with a flat surface
Valentine illustrations (I used clip art)
Paint Brush

I began with several smooth stones from a package of vase-filler stones. You can find these at the dollar store, discount store, or craft store typically in the floral section. I picked ones that had a nice flat surface for my illustrations. 

For my Valentine illustrations, I used clip art. All of mine came from the free Microsoft clip art already loaded on my computer. 

You can find a ton of clip art online by searching for "free Valentine clip art." I found roses, boxes of chocolates, little girls offering flowers, and mailboxes full of love letters. 

I copied and pasted them all into a Word document, then reduced the size to fit my stones. 

Once printed, I cut them out to fit on my stones.

Once I had chosen the perfect stone for each illustration, I brushed a thin coating of Mod Podge on the surface. 

I placed the illustration down, making sure all sides were pressed down, and then brushed another coat over the top. 

After allowing them to dry, we were ready for story-telling.

We've told tales of love letters, secret roses found in mailboxes, and best friends. There are so many tales that can be told from this simple set of Valentine story stones.

They're easy to make and would make a fun homemade Valentine's gift. 

Have you used story stones before?

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  1. I love story stones. What a great idea to make them for Valentine's Day stories.

  2. Ohhh I've always loved story stones and these are just adorable!

  3. I love story stones! It was rock week at my daughters school so this made a perfect follow up at home. Thank you so much for sharing on the After School Link up! We've featured you this week, here's the link


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