Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 Ways To Play This Weekend: Week 36

  1. Make a hovercraft with Inspiration Laboratories
  2. Create scrubbing sponge flowers with Mess for Less
  3. Celebrate Earth Day with Creative Family Fun
  4. Play with recycled chalkboard toys with B-Inspired Mama
  5. Dissect a bean with Buggy and Buddy
  6. Go on a nature scavenger hunt with Sun Scholars
  7. Play in a dirt and worms sensory tub with Creative Playhouse
  8. Make giant bubbles with Frugal Fun for Boys
  9. Create fruit animals with Wildlife Fun 4 Kids
  10. Take care of the birds with homemade bird nesters with Childhood Beckons
How are you going to play this weekend? 


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  1. Thanks for linking to my fruit animals Terri! Off to check out the others on the list. And sorry this comment is so late, it's been a very busy month!


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