Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Ways to Play This Weekend: Week 40

  1. Make rainbow bubble snakes with Housing a Forest
  2. Play sight word twister with A Mom With a Lesson Plan
  3. Make tin can stilts with Playful Learning
  4. Have a sensory tea party with Growing a Jeweled Rose
  5. Paint on foil with Picklebums
  6. Explore static electricity by creating a gravity-defying snake with Kids Activities Blog
  7. Make Mother's Day portraits with Boy Mama Teacher Mama
  8. Make homemade plaster puzzles with Teach Beside Me
  9. Build a bug house with Growing Green Fingered Kids
  10. Make turtle herb planters and plant a few herbs with Reading Confetti
How are you going to play this weekend? We're going to have a birthday party!



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  1. Thanks for linking to us in such a great list!


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