Saturday, June 29, 2013

10 Ways to Play This Weekend: Week 46

  1. Do some bug-themed yoga with Kids Yoga Stories
  2. Make 4th of July Eye Spy Rice Bottles with Pink and Green Mama
  3. Make a balloon-printed caterpillar with Meet the Dubiens
  4. Make your own regatta with The Pleasantest Thing
  5. Explore the library with the Non-Fiction Library Challenge from No Twiddle Twaddle
  6. Play with your own DIY Spy Kit from Inner Child Fun
  7. Make an exploding fireworks painting with Inspiration Laboratories
  8. Write some acrostic poems with Creative Family Fun
  9. Go searching for animal tracks with Learn Create Love
  10. Make simple bug hotels with Red Ted Art

How are you going to play this weekend?

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