Friday, June 28, 2013

Craft Stick Initial Plaque

We've accumulated such a big supply of craft sticks that I've been challenging myself to come up with crafts that we can do with them. 

One such craft was our initial plaques. 

My girls loved making them and are now using theirs to decorate their bedroom. 

The plaque would also make a fun and easy gift for your kids to make. 

Let's get started crafting!

Supplies Needed:
Craft sticks
White glue
Masking tape or painter's tape
Craft paint
String (optional, for hanging)

Lay several craft sticks out side by side until they are the length of a craft stick. 

Push them close together; you don't want any gaps. 

Once you've arranged your craft sticks, glue two crafts sticks crosswise on your sticks. See the picture above for an example.

Use your masking tape to mark off your letter. You'll want to use either masking tape or painter's tape since you will be pulling it off after painting. 

After you have formed your letter, it's time to paint. 

My girls wanted to paint one solid color on their plaques, but don't let our examples stop you. Get creative! Stripes, dots, or even a chevron pattern would all look great. 

Let the paint dry for a few minutes before you take the tape off. Peel it off carefully and you should have perfect initials on your plaque. 

Don't let the paint dry too long, or you may have difficulties getting it off!

If you would like to hang your plaques, attach some string to the back. Or you can do like my girls did and prop them up on a shelf. This is a fail-proof project for kids of all ages!

I still have a pile of craft sticks waiting to be used. Do you have any ideas for them?


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  1. How boys have been pulling out our stash of popsicle sticks, begging to do something with them. Thanks for the idea!


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