Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Creative Family Challenges

Are you following me on Facebook yet? If not, you may want to stop by and hit "like." Why? Well, I've started offering a daily Creative Family Challenge. Each day I'll share a fun & easy way to connect as a family. 

Look for shapes in the clouds and make up stories about what you find. That was yesterday's challenge. It's easy; it doesn't require any special supplies; and is certainly achievable for any family. I don't plan on stressing you out with these challenges. Do one today, or just jot the idea down to do on a less busy day.

You can get these challenges if you follow Creative Family Fun on Facebook. I'll also be offering the challenges on Google+, if you prefer that format. 

Please join in and let me know you're up for the challenge. Share with your friends. (Hit the share button on Facebook... I'd love it if you do!)

Now it's time to go have some family fun! Will you join me?


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