Monday, June 10, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Sun Plant Stakes

*Disclaimer sent me the supplies for this project. The idea is all my own!

I was pleasantly surprised when a fun package arrived from that was full of neon goodness. We use their supplies often in our crafting and I couldn't wait to get started creating. We decided to use the pack of neon fuzzy sticks to make some cheery sun plant stakes.

Supplies Needed:
Yellow & orange pipe cleaners
Large craft stick

If you would like to use the neon fuzzy sticks in your project, they can be found at your local Wal-Mart.

For the first step, take a yellow and orange pipe cleaner and twist them together.

After both colors are twisted, form it into a circle twisting the ends together to hold your circle in place.

Next take 4 more pipe cleaners, two orange and two yellow and begin forming your rays. Begin each pipe cleaner by twisting the end around your circle. Bend your rays around the circle, overlapping your circle as you go (see above picture). Twist the other end around your circle when you reach the end of a pipe cleaner. Alternate the colors as you go.

Once your sun is complete, use regular white glue to attach it to a large craft stick. Glue down one of the rays, like I did in the above picture, to add a bit of stability. Once it dries, it's ready to decorate your plants. It would be perfect to add to a cheery summer gift or just to brighten up your house.You will want to keep it indoors on one of your houseplants because it will not stand up to rain. Yes, I know I photographed it outside, but unfortunately my green thumb does not extend to houseplants. The only potted plants I have are outdoors! 

Thank you again for the fun craft supplies!


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