Friday, July 12, 2013

Classic Crafts ~ Pom Pom Caterpillar

We're still making our classic crafts and these pom pom caterpillars are one of my favorite classic crafts. 

This is a perfect project for kids of all ages.

Supplies Needed:
Clothes pin
Green craft paint
Pom poms 
Pipe cleaner
Googly eyes
Green card stock (or construction paper)
Black marker

Paint your clothes pin with the green craft paint. Paint all sides. 

While you're waiting for your paint to dry, draw a simple leaf shape on your green card stock. Outline it in black and cut it out.

Choose a pom pom for the head and wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around it. I cut off approximately 1/3 of the pipe cleaner for each caterpillar. 

You don't have to glue these two pieces together at this point.

Glue your head to the part of the clothes pin that opens and clips. Since your pipe cleaner is wrapped underneath your pom pom, it will get glued too. 

Next glue down the rest of your pom poms in a line down your clothes pin. 

To make it easier on the girls, I squirted some glue onto a plastic lid. They dipped their pom poms in the glue making sure there was plenty of glue, then stuck the pom poms to their clothes pin.

Next glue your googly eyes to the head of your caterpillar. 

Let it dry and clip your cute little caterpillar to their leaf.

Did you make these as a child? I did and that's why I wanted the girls to try this project too!



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