Monday, August 5, 2013

Let's Go On a Listening Walk!

If you want to add a peaceful element to your next walk with your kids, go on a listening walk. 

Take the time to enjoy the peace and quiet or even the hustle and bustle of your neighborhood.

Listen carefully… what do you hear?

You can take an informal walk where the goal is to see just how many things you can hear. 

Do you hear a cricket chirping? A car horn? Tweeting birds? 

Emphasize quiet where the only time someone talks is when they want to share what they hear. 

This is a nice way to wind down together as a family at the end of a busy day.

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You can also bring along a list of items to create a listening scavenger hunt. 

We keep a stack of lists on a small clipboard that’s easy to grab and take along outside. You can print out our list here or you can make your own lists. 

Here are some ideas you can add to a list:

A dog barking
Cars driving by
An airplane flying overhead
Geese honking
People talking
Children giggling
The wind whispering
Buzzing bees
Crows cawing
A car door slamming

When making your list, think about the sounds you often hear in your neighborhood. If you live in the country, add a lot of nature sounds. A city walk could include vehicle noises, people, or construction noises.

Listen and learn about your neighborhood! What sorts of noises would you hear on a walk around your town?

Make this a family adventure:
Cost: Free
Planning time: Under 5 minutes. You need time to print out the scavenger hunt sheet and find a clipboard and pen. That's it. But, don't let that stop you. You can always do this on a road trip, camping trip, or any other time you're out and about. All you really need are your ears.
Ages: All. It's a great game to play with preschoolers or toddlers, but older kids and adults will enjoy it too. It's perfect for mixed ages.
Time Needed: Varies. It all depends on how far you walk.

Listen carefully, what do you hear? Go on a fun listening walk and use your ears to find everything on this printable scavenger hunt for kids.

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