Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Driveway ABC Game

With a preschooler, sometimes you just need to get them moving. So, I decided to sneak a little learning in with our moving and created this simple Driveway ABC Game. It's easy. It's fun. And, it's a great way to review the alphabet.

I drew a long, winding path on our driveway and divided it up into sections. I then wrote one letter in each section. Miss Preschool then threw our giant die and moved that many spaces. When she stopped, she had to say each letter out loud. The concept was easy, but she had a blast. We played it again and again. Not only was she reviewing her letter, but she was running all over the place chasing the die. 

(We found a giant set of dice at the dollar store this summer. You can just swipe one from a board game or purchase inexpensive sets of small dice at most discount or big box stores.)

When I drew our game, I wrote the letters in alphabetical order ending at "k". Mix them up if you want to make a more challenging game. 

Other variations:
  • Use lower case letters instead of upper case
  • Use the letters in your child's name for an easy name recognition game
  • Write the entire alphabet or only the ones that are challenging to your child
  • Use sight words instead of letters for kids who are already alphabet experts

Our game got rained away after only playing it once, but I know we'll do this again. After all, it's so much fun to learn while playing a gross motor game!



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  1. Nice game format I must say. I really like the driveway ABC game. I am actually looking for some new and exciting games for my child's birthday party and I think the game mentioned above is totally different. However, I have already selected some games, but I am definitely going to perform this game as well. I hope my kids will love this idea.


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