Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hand Print Sunflower

I've seen many versions of hand print sunflowers around the Web and really wanted to do one with the girls. So, recently, Miss Preschool and I got to work and created these beautiful sunflowers.

Supplies Needed:
Thin cardboard or heavy paper (a cereal box would work well)
Yellow and green paint
Brown construction paper
White glue
Sunflower seeds in the shell

Before we began, I lightly drew a large circle on the top half of our cardboard. I used the cardboard so that we will have a sturdy surface to hold up our sunflower seeds. The circle was used as a template to help place the hand prints. I painted Miss Preschool's little hand with yellow (washable) paint and helped her place her hand prints around the circle, overlapping each one. She loved the sensation of getting her hands painted, so, according to Miss Preschool, this was the best part of the whole project.

She then cut a large circle out of the brown construction paper for the center. We glued it down in the center of our hand prints.

Next, we added glue all over the top of our brown circle and Miss Preschool started adding sunflower seeds. She covered the entire circle with our seeds. 

While waiting for the glue to dry, Miss Preschool used the green paint to make her stem and leaves. Once we were done we had a beautiful sunflower that is now prominently on display in our house.

Have you done a sunflower craft lately? 


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