Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stenciling with Cinnamon-Scented Paint

We added a fun twist to our painting recently with the addition of cinnamon. Our easy cinnamon-scented paint smelled good and had a fun texture. We used our paint to make apple designs with a simple paper plate stencil.

Supplies Needed:
Cinnamon-Scented Paint
Red paint (non-toxic kid's paint is the best)
Toothpick or small paint brush for stirring
Paper plate
Sharp scissors
Clothes pin

To make the paint I mixed together cinnamon and red paint. I used about the same amount for each, but you can use less cinnamon if you are making up a big batch. I used a plastic lid for mixing and we stirred it up until the cinnamon was completely mixed into the paint. Your red paint will become darker and grittier.

I prepared a paper plate stencil of an apple ahead of time. Simply draw a shape in the middle of your paper plate and use your sharp scissors to cut it out. (This step is best done by an adult.) Miss Preschool then clipped a small piece of sponge with a clothes pin and started painting. If you pat the paint on with the sponge instead of smearing, your stencil print will be much sharper. 

Miss Preschool had lots of fun painting and stopping to smell her paint. When you mix up your cinnamon-scented paint, use a non-toxic kid's paint so you won't have to worry about how often your child smells the paint. Believe me, they'll smell it a lot because it smells so great!

Our apples turned out great. They had a fun texture and the scent lingered long after the paint was dry. We'll definitely try mixing things into our paint again!

What would you combine with paint to add scent and texture?

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  1. What a great idea - and a great choice of smell

  2. Great idea :) I was wondering how long the paint stays fresh for? Would the cinnamon go bad / go off? I want to use this paint idea to paint child made salt dough christmas ornaments :)

  3. Anonymous - So far, our paint still smells good and we did this project back in September. I think it would be fabulous to use for salt dough ornaments! The paint will probably lose its scent after awhile, but I can't imagine it would go bad. Have fun!

  4. Awh great i bet they look lovely too :) Thanks for your help!


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