Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pom Tree Kids Market & Money Counting Game

Disclosure: This PomTree Kids post has been sponsored by Darice and Blueprint Social. 

We were recently lucky to receive a huge box of craft kits from Pom Tree Kids. These kits are fantastic and are a perfect way to have a little parent/child fun. Pom Tree Kids kits go together like a puzzle and no glue is required. Everything you need is in the kit. We tackled the Market Playset first and used the coordinating Market Food Sticker Tub to make a fun money counting game to go along with it.

The kit promises no glue/no mess and it was true. All the pieces do go together without glue. (While not required to put the project together, we did end up using a tiny bit of glue to help add stability to a couple of the furniture pieces.) The girls enjoyed helping put the pieces together. Their favorite parts were the stickers (of course) and they loved trying to decide where to put all the fun food stickers that came with the market. What should go on the shelves? What should I put in the bakery case? The girls got to make the call and using their creativity with the stickers was their favorite part.

While the girls were playing, I used the food stickers in the Market Food Sticker Tub to put together a money counting game for my first grader. The tub was full of stickers: plain, foam, and felt. I picked out several pieces of food and got to work. 

1. Cut out price tag shapes from a couple of pieces of construction paper. (I used a punch to make my price tags, but that is certainly not required. Squares or rectangles would certainly do the trick).

2. Add a food sticker, leaving room for the price.

3. Add the price. I knew my daughter's abilities and wrote prices that would challenge her a bit but still be doable. Go with the prices that would work best for your child.

I handed Miss 1st the prices tags and a pile of money. We are only working on pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters at this point in time. To play the game, she would select a price tag and start counting out the correct money. She had a blast "buying" all the different food items from the market.

This was a fun and easy way to add an educational element to the Market Playset. While the kits are educational on their own merit, emphasizing problem solving and fine-motor skills, I loved that it also seamlessly led to a money counting project. 

The market has now been confiscated by the girls and they have played with it in a daily basis since we built it. Their imaginations are running wild and it has stood up to constant play. Oh and the money game... we're still playing that too!

Thank you Pom Tree Kids for all the fun!

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  1. I know my daughter would love the sticker story books!

  2. Fun game! I love this idea. Pinning for when it's time to teach my little guy how to count money.

  3. I love how the market playset inspired the money counting game. Pretend play at its finest. :)

  4. Wonderful game suggestions I would say. My kids often get bored during summer so it can be something interesting and fun-loving to keep them entertain. As soon as the summer vacations starts I really have to plan hard in order to provide healthy children fun activities to my kids at home. I think this game is totally new and interesting and can be easily employed with any theme party.


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