Friday, January 17, 2014

10 Ways to Play and Learn About the Night Sky

The night sky is such an endlessly fascinating subject and I had so much fun sharing ideas with you this week. 

I've rounded up 10 more fun ideas from some of my favorite kids activities blogs (and when I say favorite, I should let you know that I have hundreds of favorite blogs). 

If you're looking to extend your study of the night sky, or just looking for a great family activity, this list should have you covered.

  1. Play and learn with a homemade constellation geoboard from Babble Dabble Doo.
  2. Do a simple experiment to learn how and why there are different moon phases with
  3. Make DIY constellation cards and learn about some of the myths behind them with How Wee Learn.
  4. Create your own moon phase calendar with What Do We Do All Day?
  5. Make a puffy paint moon craft with No Time For Flashcards.
  6. Make some constellation art with rocks and sidewalk chalk with Creekside Learning
  7. Have fun playing with homemade outer space playdough from NurtureStore
  8. Learn how craters are formed and make your own moon craters with Science Sparks.
  9. Make a cardboard space shuttle and travel to far off galaxies with Mama Smiles.
  10. Make yourself into a constellation with Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.
Don't forget to check out our night sky activities from this past week: moon phase mobile, constellation sewing project, and tips for stargazing with the kids.

Make sure to come back next week. We'll be exploring polar animals with games, crafts, and books!

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