Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Egg Carton Fairy Houses

My girls are slightly obsessed with fairies.

They love Tinkerbell and have several fairy dolls.

We've read more of Rainbow Magic Fairies books than I can even count.

So, you can image they came running when I suggested this simple egg carton craft.

Fairy houses are tiny little things and rather magical and colorful, at least that's how we imagined them. Of course, the very best thing about Egg Carton Fairy Houses is that they are very fun to make.

Recycle your egg cartons and turn them into this cute fairy house kids craft.

The best part about this egg carton craft is that we used what we had. We didn't have to go out and buy any special craft supplies.

We shuffled through our craft supplies and found everything we could possibly need for a fun afternoon of crafting.

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Supplies Needed:
Egg carton

To begin, we took an egg carton apart into individual cups. 

Egg cartons tear easily and there was no need to get the scissors out for this step. 

The girls and I sat and tore our egg cartons apart until we got to the perfect fairy house shape. We did use the scissors to trip off any rough edges. 

The next step was the fun step... painting!

We painted our fairy houses with acrylic paint for better coverage. 

My girls are older, so I don't worry as much about mess, but if that is a concern, you can use washable craft paint instead. 

Paint the fairy houses however you imagine them. We had stripes, polka dots, color blocks, and plenty of pastel colors. 

Each and every house had a tiny door so the fairies could come and go. 

While we were painting, we talked about all our little fairy friends that were going to move into our village.

To finish up our houses, we made tiny little flags out of washi tape and toothpicks. 

The flags are simple. Fold a piece of tape around one end of a toothpick and then use your scissors to cut the ends to make a pretty design.

Do you have fairy lovers at your house? 

You should spend some time together crafting these egg carton fairy houses. 

Not only is it a fun craft to make together, but they're also perfect for hours of imaginative play!

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  1. These are awesome! How great for pretend play!

  2. I LOVE them. What a wonderful idea and so simple for kids to make. I have heaps of washi tape, so definitely going to try these :)

  3. cute! man those rainbow fairy books are big over here too. I wish the formula varied a little. :)
    thanks we will definitely make these!

  4. Great idea! Instead of throwing egg cartons away, I will save them for some FUN purpose with my kids next time. Thanks for sharing :-)


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