Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Book of the Four Seasons: A Paper Bag Book

I've stumbled across the idea of a paper bag book several times. 

I've filed it away in the back of my mind as "something I want to make with the girls some time." 

Now that I'm working on writing with my oldest and our plan to do some four seasons projects, that "some time" became now. Yay! We're going to make a Four Seasons Paper Bag Book.

My Book of the Four Seasons: A Paper Bag Book

Paper bag books are so much fun to create. They're unique and easy-to-make. 

Plus, they have all sorts of fun pockets for hiding little treasures.

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Supplies Needed:
3 lunch-sized paper bags (for each book)
Yarn (or string)

We used three paper bags for each book we made. 

We first folded each in half. Since one side of the bag is open and the other closed, we alternated the directions of the bags when we formed the books. 

If you don't alternate the directions, you'll have all of your pockets in either the front or the back of the book.

Once we had the bags in the order we wanted, we punched two holes along the middle seam of the book. 

We then threaded the yarn through the holes and tied a strong knot in the middle. 

Special note: If you find your knot does not want to stay tied, add a drop of glue to your knot.

The process of making the book was quick and easy, but it definitely wasn't the best part. 

We loaded the table full of supplies: markers, stickers, crayons, old magazine, scissors, plain paper, and glue

Our goal was to write a book about the four seasons.

We used a spread of two pages for each of our seasons. 

The girls wrote the name of the season and then filled the two pages with images. 

They used Christmas  and Valentine stickers for winter. They drew snowflakes and Christmas trees. 

They added the sun for summer and lots of flowers for spring.

I added an extra writing challenge for my first grader. 

She used an index card to write words that described each of the seasons. When she was done, she tucked the card into one of the pockets.

A few other surprises made their way into the pocket too, such as big stickers and special pictures. 

Book making is fun! Early writers get to practice their new skill. Older kids can learn to be more comfortable with writing. And, pre-readers get a chance to practice story-telling with pictures. It works for every level.

Have fun making paper bag books with your kids!

My Book of the Four Seasons: A Paper Bag Book Square

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  1. That is a great idea! I have a little girl who would love that!

  2. GREAT idea for first graders. I think it will be more meaningful for them and they will remember how each season is different.

  3. What a lovely idea my class will be making this thanks

  4. Bello y muy sencillo


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