Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kindergarten Readiness With the Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack

*Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Playdough to Plato, which means that I receive a percentage of any purchase made through this link at no extra charge to you. I also received a free copy of the Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack in exchange for this review.

My youngest is starting kindergarten in the fall. I'm definitely not ready for that. I may never be ready! But, despite that, SHE is ready. She's a hard worker and is ready to blow her teacher away with all her pre-reading and math skills. Even though summer is here, I want to keep working on those skills. But, I'll pass on the worksheets. I don't want to burn her out before she even starts school Luckily, we've also got the Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack from Playdough to Plato to help us brush up on those skills and have fun at the same time.

This pack is pretty awesome. You won't find a single worksheet. In fact, it's full of games, 244 pages worth of games. Wow! You'll find alphabet, math, and fine motor activities. 

I asked Miss Preschool what her favorite was and she said the Race To the Top game (pictured above). She would throw the dice and record her answers by tracing a letter. The objective was to see if the uppercase or lowercase letter made it to the top first. It was neck-and-neck for awhile, but the uppercase B pulled out ahead for the win. Whew. This pack has a version for every letter and Miss Preschool wants to play each one. I love the sneaky letter tracing practice she was getting.

We also loved the fun math games. I try to keep math fun around our house and this pack was definitely fun. We Filled the Piggy Bank and played Frog Addition and Subtraction (my favorite).

It is easy to just print what we need when we need it. You'll receive a digital file that you can save on your computer. The Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack is great for learning all those important preschool skills. You could easily print out a few to take along while you're waiting in a restaurant or doctor's office. You can certainly laminate them for durability, so your child can play them again and again. (I didn't laminate only because I was taking pictures and wanted to avoid a glare!)

If you'd like to grab yourself a set, click on over to Playdough to Plato. This link takes you to their shop page, which is full of awesomeness. The Ultimate Preschool Pack sells for $18 and is worth every penny. It's a combination of the Alphabet Mega Pack, the Fine Motor Activity Pack, and the Preschool Math Mega Pack. You're definitely saving money by buying them all together.

Have fun getting ready for kindergarten!

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