Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Math Play: Roll and Graph

As a good-bye gift to her students, my daughter's 1st grade teacher sent them all home with a pair of dice. They used dice a lot in class and I thought it would be fun to continue using them for learning at home. After all, dice usually mean a game. And, a game usually means fun. So, we got out those dice, grabbed some paper, and started playing roll and graph.

I prepped a simple graph for each girl. I labeled 1 through 20 up the length of the paper and 1 through 6 across the bottom. Once we gathered our data, the girls used this to make a simple bar graph. They also used another small piece of paper for their data. 

I gave them each one dice and asked them to throw it 20 times. They had to record each number using tally marks. Once they each tossed the dice 20 times, we took a look at our data. 

Miss Preschool (who I should now call Miss Kindergarten) had never made a graph before, so this was a very new concept to her. And, I should add, it was probably over head. But, we persevered because she is always up for doing whatever her sister is doing. 

We used the bottom row to record the numbers on the dice and drew a bar to show how many times we rolled that number. I made the graph up to 20 because there was the slight possibility (very slight) that someone would throw the same number 20 times. Luckily that didn't happen and we had a much more even showing.

It was a fun game to play and I think Miss 1st Grader...errrr... Miss 2nd Grader will play it again and again. She had a lot of fun and easily caught on to the concept of the bar graph.

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  1. Sending dice home as an end of the year gift - brilliant! Thanks for sharing this - we're going to be doing some graphing at our house this week and might try this one too.

  2. Yay Anna! Hope you enjoy playing it!


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