Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Shape Poems

Most of the projects we've done for the 14 Days of Halloween have been crafts. We do love crafts, especially holiday crafts. But, I did want to sneak in a little learning with some Halloween shape poems. 

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My 2nd grader can get overwhelmed quite easily when it comes to writing, but she's always responded well to poetry. She gets excited about writing poetry, so many of our at-home writing projects are about poetry. When considering after school projects, it's important to keep your kids interests in mind. I don't want to contribute to burn out!

I kept the set-up for this project easy by going with simple shapes. I don't have any printables for you this time because I drew the shapes on construction paper. Keep with simple Halloween shapes. We used a ghost and a pumpkin. A witch's hat and candy corn are a couple of other simple shapes you could consider. Don't worry about perfection. My pumpkin is a bit wonky, but I think I'm the only one that noticed!

Draw your shape, outline it in black, and cut it out. Then, take a ruler and draw straight lines approximately 1-1/2 inches apart. My girls still write big, so I wanted to give them plenty of room. Plus, I didn't want to overwhelm them with too many lines. 

The fun thing about shape poems is that you already know your subject. Sometimes that can be the biggest hurdle to jump when it comes to creative writing. The only rules about shape poems are that the poem should be about the shape and it should fit inside the shape. Other than that, anything goes! 

Each girl wrote at their own level. My 2nd grader decided to write a rhyming poem and had fun with some silly rhymes. My kindergartner just wrote a few lines about pumpkins. She came up with the lines and I wrote them for her. This is not a project I would have done with her alone at this point, but because she always wants to participate, I gave her extra help to keep it skill appropriate.

I love the poems the girls came up with and they are quite pleased with it themselves. They've already added music to the ghost poem. If they keep that up, I may have to start calling them aspiring song writers. 

These fun Halloween shape poems are a perfect way for kids to practice a little creative writing.

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