Monday, December 8, 2014

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Sometimes I find that we are doing a lot of "flat" projects - cards, paintings, etc. And while there are plenty of amazing and fun projects that are flat, it's can be fun to take things up a notch. Enter these 3-D paper plate Christmas trees. They're easy to make and you probably already have all the supplies you need. 

Supplies Needed:
Paper plate (1 per tree)
Clear tape
Green paint
Multi-colored pom poms*

*Note: While I love the look of the pom poms, don't let a lack of these stop you from doing this project. Stickers, beads, gems, buttons, or sequins also work. Use what you have on hand.

In order to make the cone shape, you will need to cut a chunk out of your paper plate. Find the center and cut out a wedge. We cut out an entire quarter of our plate.

Roll the plate into a cone shape and seal with tape. Since you will be painting the cones, keep all the tape on the inside. I made little rolls of tape and used that to hold down the outer flap down. If you find you need tape on the outside, wait until your paint is dry before taping it down.

Paint your cone green. While it will work to paint your plate before making the cone, I've always found that my girls loved the idea of painting on the cone shape. Sometimes it's fun to mix things up and paint on a different shaped object. 

After the paint dries, glue on all your pom poms. We had a bag full of pom poms and thought they were a fun addition. We also thought our trees looked a lot like party hats! Have fun decorating and don't hold tight to the pom pom suggestion. If you're kids have another suggestion, let them go for it. It's all in the process and not the finished product. 

When you're done, find a fun place to display your cute mini Christmas trees. Our kid-made decorations are some of my favorites.

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  1. Masking tape can be used on the outside as you can paint on it and the paint doesn't peel off.

  2. This is so cute! I will try this with my little boy! I featured your work in our linkup this week (Learn & Play), thank you and hope to see you there again!


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