Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DIY Sight Word Memory Game

My 1st grade daughter has been working hard at reading. That means I've been working hard right along with her. She still has some areas where she stumbles and one of those areas is sight words. I took note of some of the words she was struggling with recently and made a simple sight word memory game.

This game is completely customizable and only takes about 10 minutes to make. What could be easier? Let's get started!

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Supplies Needed

To Make the GameUse your ruler to create a grid on your card stock. I made squares that were 2 inches by 2 inches. This size was perfect for a game, plus I was able to get 20 squares per sheet of card stock with little waste. Once you have your grid, cut out all of your squares. I found that 20 squares was the perfect amount for the game.

Decide on your words. I chose 10 words that my daughter needed to work on. I selected from words that were on a take-home sheet from her teacher along with a few that she had been struggling with while we read together. I used a marker to write the words on the card stock squares. You'll want two copies of each word, so I needed 20 squares for my 10 words.

Special Note: Use your kid's washable markers to write the words. Permanent markers, like Sharpies, will bleed through the card stock and you'll be able to see the word through the back side. I learned that the combination of colored card stock plus washable marker will insure that you won't be able to see the words when the game pieces are upside down.

To play the gameMix up your cards and turn them all upside down. Player one turns over two cards. If they match, player 1 keeps the cards and plays again. If they don't match, turn the cards back over and it's player 2's turn. Keep playing until all the matches are made.

The rules are identical to the rules of the classic Memory game. Your child can focus on having fun and reviewing sight words without having to learn new game play rules. 

My daughter had a blast playing and so did I. It really is a fun way to practice sight words and a great way to connect with your kids after school.

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