Friday, January 29, 2016

Make Words with Dry Beans

Have you ever used dry beans in an educational activity?

We've used them as math counters, used them in art, and even used them as the base of a sensory bin.

That inexpensive bag of beans has been used a lot. Plus, they'll last forever.

Now, we're using them to practice our spelling words.

Make words with dry beans, a simple and fun way to practice spelling words.

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How to set-up:

Pour your dry beans in a small container and provide an open table for creating.

That's it for the set-up. Easy, isn't it?

Using the spelling list for reference, have your child spell out each of their words.

This, obviously, takes a lot longer time than just writing the words. But, it gives your child a chance to really study their list.

Hopefully, this is a nice and relaxing way to study. Your fingers are creating, your fine motor skills are getting a work-out, and you're concentrating on the words one letter at a time.

It's a nice change from practice tests!

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