Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dot Marker Spelling Words

Have you ever used dot markers? We used them most often when my girls were preschoolers. In fact, you can find tons of great ways to use them for toddlers and preschoolers. You don't have to pack these away once your kids reach kindergarten. In fact, we got our out recently to practice our spelling words.

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To set-up: You'll need some dot markers, blank paper, and your spelling list. Set-up takes no time at all!

Have your child use the dot markers to create words using dots. Quite often, these words turn out big so you may go through several sheets of paper. You can conserve paper by using the back of scrap paper.

Tip: BINGO markers work just as well as dot markers for this project. We found ours at the dollar store.

It's a fun challenge to make your words with dots and anything that makes spelling words fun is a winner in my book!

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  1. My son loved using dot markers when we did preschool at home. I had forgotten all about them! I need to get them out so he can work on spelling this way. I know he will love it.


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