Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Make Spelling Words with Letter Stamps

Do you own a set of alphabet stamps? If not, I'd really recommend getting one. We've used our for so many things. We've done crafts, used them in learning activities, and made art for them. My girls love to get them out and start creating.

Today, we're going to use the letter stamps to help us practice our spelling words.

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To set-up: Grab a set of alphabet stamps, an ink pad, and some paper. Set everything out and invite your child to practice their spelling words by stamping them.

This is a great option for a child who just doesn't want to write on that particular day. (We can all get tired of writing, can't we?) Or, it's just a fun way to mix things up. My girls used stamps a lot when they were in preschool, but we don't often get them out now. When we do, they're excited. And, that certainly makes a not-so-fun task much more fun.

Tip: Provide your child with a damp rag if they are going to use multiple colors of ink. We gently clean the ink off the stamps before switching colors and before putting them away to keep the stamps and ink in good condition.

Let your kids take a little break with writing and have them "write" their words with alphabet stamps. It's a fun option!

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