Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Make Words With Play Dough

Even though my kids are older now (ages 6 and 8), they still love to play with play dough. I try to have a batch made up all the time so they can play anytime they want. So, it seemed the logical conclusion to use play dough to practice spelling words. Sensory play and spelling practice all tied into one.

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To set-up:
You need a batch of play dough and a list of spelling words. I love to use the Kool-Aid Dyed Play Dough recipe from Mama Miss. That's what we used for this batch - using grape Kool-Aid.

Roll the play dough into snakes and form them into letters. Make a word, then roll it all back up into a ball. Make several words.

Add a challenge. Can you figure out a way to make the letters without starting with snakes? Can you make tiny letters? How about huge letters? How many words can you make before you run out of play dough?

It's so easy to combine play with learning, especially when you use play dough!

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