Friday, February 12, 2016

Paint Your Spelling Words

Put down the pencil and pick up a paint brush. Today, we're going to paint our spelling words. This activity is always so popular with my youngest daughter that I'm not sure why we don't do it more often. We're still writing, we're still practicing, we're just using a different writing utensil.

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How to set-up: Once you have all the supplies, it's very easy to pull this activity together. You'll need paint, paintbrushes, and paper. Brightly colored construction paper is fun, but not necessary. Plain white printer paper always works.

Tip: Save an old flat sheet from the trash bin or pick one up for the thrift store. Use it to cover your table when painting. I fold ours a couple of times before covering our table and the paint never leaks through. Stains don't matter and it's easy to toss the sheet in the washer when it's needed.

Invite your child to paint their spelling words instead of writing them. Let them choose the color of paper and paint to make it more inviting. You can provide a rainbow of colors or just one color. It really doesn't matter.

The process of painting makes spelling practice so much more appealing. My girls enjoy doing art projects, so this often feels more like art than it does writing, which is why sometimes spelling practice leads right into art time!

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