Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pipe Cleaner Words

Do you call these things pipe cleaners or chenille stems? It's a big debate isn't it? When I was a kid we called them pipe cleaners, so I still use that term. But, no matter what you call them, you can make just about anything with them. And today we're making our spelling words.

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To set-up: You need nothing more than a supply of pipe cleaners (a.k.a chenille stems) and a list of spelling words.

Fold and bend your pipe cleaners to make each of the letters in a spelling word. Straighten it out and create the next word. Keep going and work your way through your spelling list.

This is a great quiet activity and good for kids who like to use their hands to create. It's a nice break from writing, too.

When you have more than one kid working on spelling words, challenge them to a race. Who can create a work the quickest? 

It's so much fun to learn your spelling words when you get to make them out of pipe cleaners!

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