Saturday, February 20, 2016

Watercolor Resist Spelling Words

Use watercolor resist to practice your spelling words. It's a fun way to combine art with writing.

One of my favorite art techniques to play around with is watercolor resist. It's fun and fascinating. And, when I love something, I try to find ways to incorporate in all areas. We've made plenty of art, we've also used this technique to write poetry, and now we're using it to practice our spelling words.

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How to set-up: You'll need white oil pastels (or white crayon), watercolor paints, white paper, and a cup of water.

Have your child write their spelling words on the paper with the white oil pastel. It will be hard to see at first, but the fun will happen when they start painting.

After they've filled the paper with their spelling words, your child can get started painting. Paint them all one color, make patterns, or use every single color on your watercolor palette. This is time to get creative. Paint flowers, heart, or clouds over the top. Anything goes. As your child starts painting, their spelling words will magically appear.

I always love art, so this activity doesn't even feel like studying. But, in reality, your child will practice writing their words and they'll read them a few time while painting. It's fun, colorful, and perfect for any kid that loves art.

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  1. This is a fun idea. It can also be used to practice letter recognition.


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