Sunday, February 21, 2016

Writing with Paint in a Bag

I don't remember where I first saw the concept of paint in a bag. It's brilliant, isn't it? I've seen it offered to kids from toddler age through preschool. It's often a fun sensory experience and a no-mess way for kids to play with paint. Having older kids (ages 6 and 8), I've discovered that the fun shouldn't end in preschool. We used it to practice our spelling words.

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To set-up: You'll need a plastic food storage bag, paint, and some packing tape (or duct tape). I chose a freezer bag because the plastic is thicker and sturdier. Pour paint in the bag while it's laying flat. Squish it around a bit until you've filled the bag with a good layer of paint. Carefully close the bag, trying to remove as much air as you can. Once the bag is sealed, use the tape to seal the zipper top so that the bag won't easily open.

Once your bag is ready, let your child use it to write their spelling words with their finger. You can "erase" the word by flattening the bag with the palm of your hand. It's fun to use this to write the words over and over.

Tip: My daughter loves to hold the bag up to the window on a sunny day. The light shining through gives it a fun glow.

I haven't tested it out fully, but your paint in a bag will last for quite awhile, especially if you were able to get all the air out. Store it flat in a safe place and you can use it over and over again. If the paint starts drying out, just toss it and make a new one.

Your kids will jump at the chance to practice their spelling words if they get to write with paint in a bag.

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