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15 Ways to Explore Nature in Spring

Each season has it's own unique traits that make exploring nature special.

In winter, everything is dormant and snow covers the ground.

Summer is green, vibrant, and full of life.

In fall, all of nature is preparing for it's long winter sleep.

And, in spring everything is waking up again.

Take some time soon to explore nature in spring with your kids.

Watch the earth wake up and see the plants poke through the ground. The animals are getting busy and suddenly the quietness of winter is replaced by the chirps, tweets, and chattering of the birds returning.

These 15 nature activities will help you explore gardens, birds, animals, seeds, and flowers. Pick out a few to do. It's a great way to spend time with your kids.

Explore the Garden: 

1. Examine your soil. Look closely at what your soil is made up of and test the pH level of  your soil with these two experiments from The Educators' Spin on It.

2. Don't have a garden? Plant a few plants in a recycled milk jug. It's eco-friendly and a great way to experience gardening in a small space. Inspiration Laboratories shows you how.

3. Plant a garden inspired by a favorite storybook. Kitchen Table Chronicles will help you plant Peter Rabbit's Vegetable Patch or Growing Vegetable Soup Garden.

Welcome the Birds

4. Have the birds come back to your neighborhood? See how many you can find with this simple Bird Watch Tally from Fantastic Fun & Learning. This activity is perfect for preschoolers!

5. It's spring and the bird's will be busy building nests. Help them out by making a Bird's Nest Helper. You can find the instructions at Playdough to Plato.

6. Send your elementary-aged kids on a scavenger hunt to find signs of birds. Look for their food, nesting materials, sounds, and more with this All About Birds scavenger hunt at Inspiration Laboratories.

Observe Some Animals

7. Find out what animals visit your yard at night. You might be surprised! Creekside Learning shows you how to set up a backyard animal tracking station.

8. Visit a local nature center, park, or lake to look for animal. I've got some tips to help your kids observe nature safely and successfully.

9. Have you ever raised tadpoles? I haven't, but it looks fascinating! Rainy Day Mum has all the info you need to raise your own tadpoles.

Examine Seeds

10.  Get a close look at seeds with this seed sorting activity at No Time For Flashcards. Depending on the age of your child, you can make this as easy or as hard as you would like. It all depends on the type of seeds that you buy.

11. A fast-growing seed is a fun way to really examine the growing process. You can make it fun by creating these Eggheads with Cress Hair from NurtureStore.

12. Look for seed in nature. How many can you find? Go on a seed and nut hunt with OutdoorsMom. She'll lead you on the way with tips for observation, questions to ask, and a craft project to do when you're done.

Have Fun With Flowers

13. Have flowers started sprouting in your neighborhood? It's time to get out and investigate with this Spring Flower STEM Investigation from Life Over C's.

14. Take apart a flower. Examine all the parts of a flower and how they fit together with this Flower Dissection activity from Sugar, Spice, and Glitter.

15. Have fun and play while examining flowers. This Flower Petal Sensory tub from Fantastic Fun and Learning is a great way to experience flowers with your sense of smell, touch, and sight.

It's time to get out and investigate. How are you and your kids going to explore nature in spring?

Spring is a great time to explore nature with y our kids. Here are 15 activities to help you examine plants, get in the garden, and watch for birds and other wildlife.

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  1. I'm so excited to see all the birds that have been so quite or missing all winter! Thanks for the reminders of the fun to be had in nature this spring!

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