Friday, April 29, 2016

All About Tigers: Books, Crafts, and Activities

Fun kids crafts, activities, and books that are all about tigers.

Our art exploration of Bangladesh led us to thinking about tigers. About how big and fascinating and powerful they are. So, I jumped down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest to see what I could find.

I found fun art projects and cute crafts. Then, I hit the library to find the best nonfiction tiger books for your curious kids. Keep reading for all the awesome things I found.

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Crafts and Activities (picture left to right above):

Use marble painting to create this fun tiger craft from Craftulate. This one can be fun for all ages and easy enough for your toddler. Marble painting is a fun experience and I love how it creates the stripes on the tiger.

Turn a foam cup into the cutest tiger with this craft from Kids Activities Blog. This is another great craft choice for a mixed-aged group.

This cardboard tube tiger craft from Creative Kids is another cute option for mixed-age groups.

Use shaving cream marbling to create this fun tiger craft from Play Create Explore. This project is a great combination of sensory play and art. I love the cool effect!

Can you make a tiger from paper hearts? You bet you can! Crafty Morning shows you how.

Make a simple paper plate tiger. Glued to My Crafts will show you how to make this simple craft project that is perfect for preschoolers.

You can also use paper plates to make a fun tiger mask. Check out our Paper Plate Tiger Masks here for the instructions.

Learn to draw a tiger. Art Projects for Kids has a great art project inspired by the paintings of Henri Rousseau.

Use tigers as your inspiration to make this cool 3-D Paper Weaving project. Check out our post here for this art project inspired by Bangladesh.


A Tiger Cub Grows Up by Joan Hewett: Meet Tara, a tiger cub born at Six Flags Marine Park in northern California. Follow from birth until she turns one with pictures and fun information about all the things she learned and all the changes that happened during the year. It's easy to read and is a great book for beginning readers. (I found it in my daughter's 1st grade classroom!)

National Geographic Kids: Tigers by Laura Marsh: The National Geographic Kids books are some of my favorite nonfiction choices for kids. They've got bright, beautiful pictures and are packed full of interesting facts. Tigers is no exception. Your kids will learn tons of fun facts and will try to stump you with the quiz in the back. This is my number one choice out of all the books on this list.

The Animals of Asia: Bengal Tigers by Willow Clark: This is another great nonfiction choice. It's at a higher reading level than the previous two books and would work great as a read aloud choice.

Tiger Math: Learning to Graph From a Baby Tiger by Ann Whitehead Nagda and Cindy Bickel: This book is a fun combination of math and science. Follow the story of T.J., a Siberian tiger cub born at the Denver Zoo, as he is raised by zookeepers after his mother dies. Along with the story, your child is introduced to the basics of graphing. You'll see real-life data and real-life uses of graphs. The combination works so well. This is a great book choice to show kids a practical application of graphs.

Have fun learning about tigers!

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