Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fun Reading Pointers You Can Make or Buy

Tracking the words on a page is one of the many things a child learns when they're learning to read. (There's so much more to reading than just figuring out the words!) Reading pointers are a great tool to use to help train the eyes to track the words.

When we made our Magic Wand Reading Pointers I started thinking about what else you could use as a reading pointer. So I went on a search to see what other options I could find. I found some fun stuff! Check them out below.

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Reading Pointers to Make (pictured left to right):

Bow ties, jewels, googly eyes, and more. Imagination Soup shows you how to make a whole bucket full of simple reading pointers.

These Hand Print Flower Bookmarks from Live Craft Love The Darice Craft Blog would make great reading pointers and they'd be a lot of fun to make.

Use the Force to be a more powerful reader. Kids would love using these DIY Lightsaber Reading Pointers from Sippy Cup Mom to track their words.

Do you have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan at home? They'd love these Popsicle Stick Ninja Turtles from Glued to My Crafts.

Keep your eyes on your words with these fun (and easy to make) googly eye reading pointers from Terri's Teaching Treasures.

Add some magic to your reading with our fun and fancy Magic Wand Reading Pointers.

Use LEGOs to make some fun reading pointers. Lalymom has a selection of 3 different reading pointers you can make using even the most basic LEGO set.  (Not pictured.)

Reading Pointers to Buy (pictured left to right):

Think a little outside the box. An inexpensive box of drink stirrers are a perfect tool to use as reading pointers.

Check the party favors section! These long glittery fingernails are easy to pop on your finger to follow along as you read.

It can sometimes be challenging for kids when they start reading chapter books with many lines on a page. I love these Finger Pointer Reading Strips for the structure they provide by highlighting an individual line.

Here's another outside the box idea. Use fancy chopsticks to track your words on a page.

Some bookmarks can easily double as a reading pointer. The hands at the end of these bookmarks are just the right size to use.

Classic is always good and these Learning Resources Hand Pointers are a great choice for a reading pointer.

Which ones would your kids love best?

A collection of fun reading pointers you can make or buy for your beginning readers.

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