Friday, August 5, 2016

Kid-Made Bird Feeders for a Bird-Friendly Yard

Birds certainly are fun to watch, aren't they? A house never quite feels like home to us unless we've got birds fluttering around. We attract them to our yard with bird feeders that we keep filled all year long. 

You can buy a bird feeder, make your own, or have a combination of the two if you want a bird-friendly yard. Keep reading below for some fantastic ideas for kid-made bird feeders. They'll all attract fun feathered friends to your yard. 

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For the Little Kids (pictured left to right)

A bird feeder doesn't have to get more complicated than stringing bird-friendly food. This Cheerio Bird Feeder is super-easy to make and the birds love it.

Add some berries and you've got these great Cheerio and Berry Bird Feeders from Happy Hooligans. I love how you can make them into lots of different shapes.

One of my favorite simple bird feeders is a Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder. The Resourceful Mama shows you how to make this simple project.

Before throwing away fruit that's past its prime, turn it into these "Clean Out the Cupboard" Bird Feeders from Happy Hooligans.

Turn a pine cone into a bird feeder. You can find the instructions for a Pine Cone Bird Feeder at Juggling With Kids.

For the Bigger Kids (pictured left to right)

Turn a simple wooden frame from the craft store into a fun (and colorful) refillable bird feeder. You can find the instructions for Homemade Bird Feeders Using Frames at Buggy and Buddy.

Decorate your trees with pretty shaped bird feeders. Kitchen Counter Chronicles has the instructions for these simple Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders.

Clean out a lotion bottle and turn it into a bird feeder. Find out how to make this recycled bird feeder at Teach Beside Me.

Have you ever seen those beautiful bird feeder wreaths? Did you know that it's a project you can do with your kids? Suger, Spice, & Glitter has all the instructions you need for creating a Kid-Made Bird Feeder Wreath

Turn a gourd or small pumpkin into a bird feeder. Check out Kitchen Counter Chronicles for this pretty project.

Don't forget to keep track of all your feathered friends with a Bird Watching Journal!

Create a bird-friendly yard with these kid-made DIY bird feeders.

Check out my Family Bird Watching Club post for all the tips you need to start bird watching with your family.

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