Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fun With Elephant & Piggie: Cardboard Tube Piggie

"Hi Piggie!"

"Hi Gerald!"

"Come play with me!"

Don't you just love the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems?

Since we already made our Cardboard Tube Elephant, it's time to make his best friend, Piggie. You can't have Elephant without Piggie.

Let's get crafting!

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Supplies Needed:
Cardboard tube (a tp tube is the perfect size)
Thin cardboard (from a cereal or cracker box)
Light pink craft paint
White glue
Black permanent marker (a Sharpie is perfect)

Before you start painting, you'll want to draw Piggie's ears and snout on your thin cardboard. Draw two triangles for the ears. Draw an oval, about the same width as your cardboard tube for the snout.

Paint your cardboard tube, ears, and snout with the the pink paint. Let it all dry.

If you can't stand the wait, this is the perfect time to read a couple of your favorite Elephant and Piggie books.

Once everything is dry, cut out your ears and snout.

Use the black marker to draw two parallel vertical lines on your snout for Piggie's nose.

Glue the snout about 1/3 of the way down from the top of your cardboard tube. 

Glue the ears to the top of the tube. Make sure you leave room for eyes in between the snout and the ears.

After you've finished gluing, use your black marker to make two small ovals above the snout for Piggie's eyes.

Add a big smile directly underneath the snout.

Piggie is done! Now, you've got two fun friends to help you act out all the Elephant and Piggie books. You can find the instructions for making Elephant here.

Are your kids Elephant and Piggie fans! They'll love making their own cardboard tube Piggie to use as a ready buddy or to act out the books.

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