Thursday, November 10, 2016

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love to Create

My oldest daughter is a maker. She love to draw, craft, sew, and bake.

I love to buy her gifts that support this interest. Gifts that promote creativity. Gifts that can teach a new skill. Gifts that may be the beginning of a lifetime hobby.

Here are some great gift ideas for the makers in your life. Light that spark of creativity.

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Gift to Help Them Create:

Get them a set of fun markers like Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Or their own Sharpie collection

Or maybe they would like a nice set of colored pencils for creating.

Creative kids need a place to create. A simple sketchbook is great for this.

Or maybe they want to create pictures on these mini scratch art sheets.

Give them a new art supplies to experiment with. Chalkboard markers would be fun.

So would a pack of sculpting clay and some sculpting tools to work with.

Gifts to Teach Them a New Skill:

Teach them to sew while they make a simple sock kitty.

Or they can sew up a set of cute woodland animals.

They can learn about weaving while working with a new wooden weaving loom.

Learn the art of origami with a My First Origami kit.

We love Klutz Kits and always have fun with them. This Felted Friends kit is a fun one which teaches the craft of felting.

Or learn how to work with clay by making mini Clay Charms with this set.

What gifts are you going to get your creative kids this year?

Fun gift ideas for kids, ages 7 - 11, who love to create.

You can find even more links to great gift guides at this post, 50+ Gift Guides for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens. You'll find something for everyone on your list!

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