Monday, November 7, 2016

Pumpkin Pie Fractions

My nine-year-old learned about fractions with pizza. That's such a yummy idea.

But now that Thanksgiving is coming soon, I needed to come up with another - but equally yummy - idea for fractions.

I thought round. I thought delicious. I thought pumpkin pie.


This Pumpkin Pie Fractions activity is so easy to create. Once you have it made, it will hold up for hours of hands-on math fun.

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Supplies Needed:

How to make your pie fractions:

Start with the paint. Use your light brown paint to paint the ridged edges of your paper plates. This is your crust.

Next, paint the middle section of your paper plates with orange paint. Don't worry about making sure your lines are straight. Remember, pies never look perfect!

Once your paint is dry, use your ruler to divide the pie into fractions. One pie will be divided into half. Divide the second pie into thirds, the third pie into fourths, and the fourth pie into eights. Trace your lines with your black permanent marker.

Label each of the pies with the corresponding fraction using your permanent marker.

Finally, cut each pie along the dividing lines.

Your pumpkin pies are ready!

How can you play with your Pumpkin Pie Fractions?

Use them as puzzles. Give your kids a pile of mixed up pie pieces and have them put each pie together. They'll have to match the type of fraction and then make a whole pie. This is a great way to easily see how many of each fraction makes a whole.

Make equal pie wedges (make equivalent fractions). How many quarter pieces do you need to make a half piece. Use the bigger wedge as a guide to fill in with smaller pieces.

Make a mixed up fraction pie. Can you make a whole pie using different sized fractions? Let you kids experiment to find different combinations.

Build other fractions with your pie pieces. Make a 3/8 wedge by putting together three 1/8 wedges. Or make 3/4 with three of the quarter pieces. What other sizes can you make?

Let their homework be the guide. What is your child working on in class? Use your pies as a hands-on tool to supplement their learning at home. If you need more pie sizes (maybe divided into fifths, sixths, or sevenths), just grab a few more paper plates.

Let your kids lead the way. My girls set up a pie shop and sold all their different wedges. They had no idea how much they were learning along the way! I just sat back and let them have some fun.

How would you use these Pumpkin Pie Fractions?

Learn about fractions with this fun hands-on Thanksgiving math activity: Pumpkin Pie Fractions.

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