Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Free Printable 2017 Calendar

It's time.

That new year switch in my brain has been turned on. Lately, I've been clearing out excess paper and even cleaning up digital files in order to get ready for the new year.

I love a fresh start. Don't you?

And a fresh start always comes with a brand-new calendar.

I always had a hard time find exactly the kind of calendar I want. I'm looking for simple. I want the right size. And, I want it to be pretty. I never could find the type I wanted, so I began making my own.

Keep reading to grab your own copy of my free printable 2017 Calendar.

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Why do you need this calendar?

It's simple and uncluttered. You won't find any holidays, moon phases, or anything else that can clutter up a calendar. We all have different dates that are important to our families, so there is plenty of room to personalize it yourself.

It's vertical. So many printable calendars are horizontal. I couldn't find many options for vertical calendars. I love this design because it's easy to clip on a clipboard or to punch with a three-hold punch and add to a binder.

It's free. No need to leave the house. Just download and print. If you need a family calendar and a personal calendar, just print two copies. How much easier can it get?

Click the link below to get your calendar. If you have any problems downloading, please let me know.

It's time to get a fresh start for the New Year with a fresh calendar. Be sure to download yours today.

Grab your free printable 2017 Calendar. It's great monthly overview for organizing all your family activities.

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  1. Have saved it to my computer - hoping it will print on A4. Thanks for sharing (found your link in Create if Writing)

  2. Awesome! I hope it prints well for you. It's designed for US letter size, so I think it should be okay.


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