Friday, January 6, 2017

Cardboard Tube Penguin

There's no better way to inspire my kids to do a craft project than to offer up something cute.

And, penguins are definitely as cute as it gets.

Have you ever met a person that didn't think penguins were cute? I haven't. They're irresistible.

So, grab a cardboard tube or two, and let's get starting crafting. We'll turn it into a penguin so cute you'll want to make a whole colony.

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Supplies Needed:
Empty toilet paper roll tube (or paper towel tube cut into smaller pieces)
Black craft paint
White craft paint
Glitter paint
Googly eyes
Scrap of yellow paper

How to make your penguin:

Begin by drawing a large oval on one side of your cardboard tube.

Paint the inside of your oval white.

Next, paint the rest of your tube with the black paint.

Let it dry a bit before moving on to the next step.

Now, it's time to add a little sparkle. We used some fun glitter paint to paint over our white oval. You could also use glitter glue to add sparkle.

After all your paint is dry - and it can take awhile, so go read a penguin book or two while you wait - it's time to add your face.

Gather a couple of googly eyes and cut a small triangle out of your scrap of yellow paper. Use both to create your face on the top half of your white oval.

Once the glue is dry, your penguin is done.

Create two or three or even ten of these Cardboard Tube Penguins to create your own colony of these cute birds.

They're so cute, they're irresistible!

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Turn recycled materials into the cutest colony of penguins with this Cardboard Tube Penguin kids craft.

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