Monday, February 6, 2017

No-Sew Valentine Pencil Toppers

One thing I love about Valentine's Day is the chance to make small gestures to let others know how special they are.

Sometimes it's a simple card to say "You're Awesome!"

Other times, it's a small gift to say "I was thinking about you today."

These simple No-Sew Valentine Pencil Toppers are a fun little gift to give your friends. They're easy to make and easy to personalize for each individual person. 

I can't think of anyone that wouldn't love receiving this simple Valentine's Day gift.

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Supplies Needed:
Red or pink felt sheets
Scrap paper (to make a pattern)
Tacky Glue
Fabric Paint

*Note about the glue. I love to use Tacky Glue for projects like this, but if you can't find this specific glue, you will want to find a glue that works on fabric.

Before you get started, you'll want to make a quick pattern for your hearts. It is the best way to make sure all your hearts are the same size.

Hold the pattern up to a pencil to make sure it is the correct size.

Next, cut out two pieces of felt for each pencil topper. I found it was easiest to fold my pattern in half and also fold my felt. Hold the folded edge of your pattern up to the folded edge of your felt. Cut out your heart.

Use your Tacky Glue to attach your two heart pieces together. Apply glue around the edge of one heart leaving a section at the bottom open. This will be the opening for your pencil.

Put your second heart on top of the heart with glue and press gently. Press and hold for about 20 seconds, then let dry for a couple of minutes before moving to the next step.

Finally, it's time to decorate your hearts! Use fabric paint to create your decorations. 

We used a 3-D fabric paint in a squirt bottle. I found this worked really well. Felt is not smooth so the squirt bottle was a great way to control your lines.

You can make frilly decorations or funny decorations. We even made a few friendly faces. Anything goes, just let your creativity guide you.

When you're all done, let the pencil toppers dry for a few hours before slipping them onto a fun pencil and giving your friends the perfect little Valentine's Day gift.

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Simple no-sew pencil toppers for Valentine's Day.

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