31 Ways to Practice Spelling Words

Spelling words are a fact of life with elementary school kids. I remember them clearly from my years in school and now we're entering the same phase with my daughters. My struggle has always been making them interesting. We've got to practice them, right? For the longest time, the only things I could come up with were practice tests and writing them over and over and over again. Boring! I finally set down determined to come up with some fun ways to practice. And here they are, 31 fun, engaging, and hands-on ways to practice spelling words. All 31 ways may not work for you, but  I'm sure you'll find several ideas that your kids will love! 

4. Make Words with Alphabet Beads

5. Make Words with Dry Beans

6. Type Spelling Words on a Computer

7. Spelling Word Scramble

8. Write Spelling Words with Cotton Swabs

9. Make Words with Alphabet Clothespins

10. Make Words with Play Dough

11. Spell with a Driveway Letter Grid

12. Disappearing Spelling Words

13. Pinprick Words

14. Spelling Word Search

15. Car Word Tracing

16. Write Spelling Words on the Window

17. Make Spelling Words with Letter Stamps

18. Sidewalk Chalk Spelling Words

19. Paint Your Spelling Words

20. Chalkboard Letter Erase

21. Pipe Cleaner Words

22. Rainbow Writing

23. Write Words in Shaving Cream

24. Make Words with Scrabble Tiles

25. Spelling Word BINGO

26. LEGO letters

27. Watercolor Resist Spelling Words

28. Writing with Paint in a Bag

29. Letter Stamps and Play Dough

30. Dot Marker Spelling Words

31. Finger Painting Spelling Words

Spelling can be fun with one of these 31 Ways to Practice Spelling Words.

Would you like all the ideas in ebook form? Get all the ideas in a printable ebook that can be made into a small half-page size booklet perfect for keeping at your homework station.

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  1. I love this post! So many creative ways to do spelling, I could try one a week it would take me months to run out!!!
    Danielle - http://www.freekidsbooks.org


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